we are an inspiration to others!
Haikus inspired by US!!!!!

Our goal in life is to spread happiness through haikus. Throughout the
years our poetry has inspired others to begin writing their own haikus.


Here's some haikus and matching art-work
by Amy's co-worker in crime, Daniel:

Someone likes the Spice Channel...

**Bum chch Bum chch**

Horrible Close-Ups.
Pizza Man, Milk Man, Plumber.
No Appetite Left.

One of Daniel's hobbies is hanging out with
the smelly-nasties of the world...

**Trapped In A Womb Of Despair**

Porcelain Temple
Hiroshima Flatulence
The Gauntlet of Gas

**A Long Unpleasant Elevator Ride**
or **Formidable-mandible**

mandible picker
earwax,dandruff,stinky sweat
got to get some, yum!

And now a commentary on corporate America...

**Going Postal**

Stupid-ass pie-holes
with loud music, speech and clothes;
then, it's five, bye bye!

Have we inspired you to start writing haikus? If so, then send us some of them!