TCU Professors
haikus inspired by...

Professors at Texas Christian University


Ahhh...who could forget Dr. Franzwa's
famous Ramona story?

This ain't no Volvo.
It's roses and it's closed doors.
Fuck Georgia O'Keefe.

And now presenting...

Plato, you dead fuck.
I just don't get this form shit.
Yeah, Jim is Satan.


Austin's Dr. Frye Haikus:

A slight oversight;
I'm stoned in Dr. Frye's class.
Things are making sense.

TCU Roommate
Miracle across the street
Dr. Frye kicks ass

(NOTE: the latter haiku was actually
submitted to Dr. Frye in a letter
because Austin is cool like that.
The former one was not.)


Here's another haiku by Austin
which mentions a TCU professor:

***THE MALL***
Bonnie Blackwell and her dog
Yellow Ladybugs?


And now a selection by Lara entitled...

"In Accordance with Prophecy"

McDorman, what's up?
It's only bad teeth and beer
that sum up Britain.


Here's a haiku about Amy's favorite
Spanish professor. The title is a term
that was used to describe him by a
critic in an academic journal.
He took it as a compliment.

Likable Flores,
A little man from Chile.
Here, have some salsa!

(NOTE: the last line should be
read like a Shake'n'Bake moment.
If you don't know what that means
then you should watch more TV.)