a bad day taking the Putnam
Reflections During the Putnam:


The William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition.
Every year at college I have taken this exam, knowing full well that there's no chance in hell I'm going to win. Actually, there's hardly a chance that I'll get a whole question correct. And yet I still wake up early on a Saturday each December and submit myself to mathematical torture. At least this year I had haiku writing as a creative outlet to express my discontent. To find out more about the Putnam competition, follow the link at the bottom of the page, or just read these haikus to get a *real* view of the Putnam.

***Another White Male Bringing Me Down***
William Lowell Putnam.
Collegiate Competition.
Kiss my ass, Fucko!

***Color-Coordination Realization ***
Brown pants and brown shoes.
How did I manage to match
Saturday morning?

***Forgotten Courses Coming Back to Haunt You***
Who was this Taylor?
Calculus Power Series?
God in Heaven, WHY?!

***The Consequences of a Drug-Induced Lifestyle***
I am forgetful.
My synapses have faded.
Where are my brain cells?

***So Many Rules to be Broken!***
No food or drinks in classroom.
Where is the logic?

***Why Do I Even Bother?***
Math exams abound.
Another failure awaits.
Subject GRE.

Number Theorist.
Is this the path I've chosen?
Retail is calling.

I woke up early
and cut my Friday night short
to masturbate here.

***Waiting for Lunch***
Did I quit smoking?
Cigarette breaks pass the time.
Thank God I didn't.

***Caught Writing Poetry***
What will people think?
Have I completely lost it?
Doctor Gilbert glares.

***Not Wanting to Disappoint***
A pressure cooker.
I tried to be productive,
but again I failed.

***When Maturity Escapes You***
I'm like a freshman,
falling asleep during tests.
How far I've regressed!

***Doubtfulness Plagues Me***
Is it possible?
Is graduate school for me?
Mathematics sucks!